Influenced by Jungian psychology and mythology, I use the art of printmaking to present archetypal figures iconically composed of symbol and allegory.

My current body of woodcuts has taken its influence from medieval illuminated illustrations and alchemical manuscripts. I keep homage to traditional relief printmaking as well as adhering to the contemporary use of editions. Continuing the post-printing process, I uniquely stain the paper and hand color each individual print.

The iconic figures play the role as emblems of contemplation, containing symbolic references to a deeper transcendental meaning. Referencing age-old archetypes, each print possesses a still narrative through the anthropomorphic figures they represent and the objects they possess. By embracing the sense of mystery, the viewer is allowed to invoke ones own metaphorical interpretation.

Infinity Prints and all works are creations of Travis Lawrence.

Travis recieved his BFA in Printmaking from SIUE,
and currently resides in St. Louis Missouri and assists as a Press Assistant for
Tom Huck at Evil Prints.


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